Soundtrack Workshop

13/10/20 - Tuesday | 9:30


October 13 and 14 from 9:30am-12:30pm online


The course is designed for anyone interested in learning about or further exploring the music-image relationship within cinema, as well as becoming acquainted with the process of conceiving and creating a soundtrack.
The course addresses:
– Perceptual dimensions (naturalization, projections, and statements); reflections regarding the role of music in cinema; soundtrack analysis; music as a dramatic tool; functional music; dialectical counterpoint;
– Basic concepts of the soundtrack process; developing stages of a soundtrack; spotting session; musical crew for a film; director-composer relationship; most influential composers; current market scenario and prospects.


Daniel Simitan

In 2009, he enrolled in the undergraduate Music course at the State University of Londrina, during which he earned a scholarship in the scientific initiation program to explore the possible relationships between sound and image. With a Postgraduate degree in Soundtrack (Musimagem Brasil, 2018), he has worked in several national productions, composed several tracks for short films as well as theater, digital games, and is currently composing the soundtrack for his third feature film.