9th Olhar de Cinema Programming Team

29/09/20 - Tuesday | 16:00



An open conversation with the curatorship team of the 9th Olhar de Cinema IFF about this year’s selection, films, and events.


Eduardo Valente

Member of the Olhar de Cinema programming team since 2016 and Brazilian delegate at the Berlin Festival. Holds a BA in cinema from the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), a Master’s degree from USP, and currently a PhD student at UFF. He was a film critic and editor of the publications Contracampo and Cinética. As a filmmaker, he directed three short films and one feature film, all of which screened at the Cannes Film Festival. He served as artistic director at the Brasília Festival and programmer at several festivals, as well as an international consultant for ANCINE between 2011 and 2016.

Carol Almeida

PhD in Communication from UFPE, with research focused on contemporary Brazilian cinema. She is part of the curatorial team of the Festival Olhar de Cinema/Curitiba and has participated in the curatorship of Recifest and Sesc de Cinema Exhibition. She teaches workshops on film criticism, curatorship, contemporary Brazilian cinema, and representation of women in film. She was a jury member in festivals such as Tiradentes, São Paulo Mostra, FestCurtas BH, Janela de Cinema, and Animage.

Kariny Martins

Kariny Martins holds a Master’s Degree in Cinema and Video Arts from the State University of Paraná, with research on speculative fiction in black Brazilian cinema. She coordinates the curatorship/programming of Griot – Festival of Contemporary Black Cinema as well as the programming of the 4th APAN International Festival. She works with curatorship, screenwriting, and direction.

Aaron Cutler

Aaron Cutler has worked in the curatorial team for feature films at Olhar de Cinema since 2017. He is also responsible for the activities of the Mutual Films initiative (, alongside Mariana Shellard, and for the content published in the blog The Moviegoer ( He was born in the United States, not far from Philadelphia, and has lived in São Paulo since late 2010.

Marisa Merlo

Marisa Merlo is a producer and curator and holds a BA in cinema from Unespar/FAP. She currently owns the company Anacoluto, in Belo Horizonte/MG. Founding member of Olhar de Cinema – IFF. She produced over 30 films, including 10 feature films, among them Nóis por Nóis (2018), Ferrugem (2018), Para Minha Amada Morta (2015), A Gente (2013) as well as 2 TV series and several short-films, all of which screened at renowned national and international festivals.

Carla Italiano

Film researcher and programmer for exhibitions and festivals. PhD student in Social Communication at PPGCOM-UFMG with a BA in Cinema from UFSC. She is one of the organizers of – Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival, curator in the exhibitions Helena Solberg Retrospective (CCBB 2018), Anthropocene Images (2017), and Jonas Mekas Retrospective (forumdoc 2013), and teaches Cinema and Feminism at the Federal University of Minas Gerais (Fafich/UFMG). She was born in Recife and lives in Belo Horizonte.

Camila Macedo

Camila Macedo is a PhD student and holds a Master’s degree in Education from UFPR and a BA in Cinema and Video from Unespar. She works in research, curation, and filmmaking. Alongside Débora Zanatta, she is a programmer at Sesi Cineclube Solax. For the third consecutive year she is part of the curatorial team at Olhar de Cinema (2018-2020).

Antonio Gonçalves Jr

Founder and Artistic Director of Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Film Festival and Film Producer since 2007.