Anti-racist Policies and Initiatives in Audiovisual Production

07/06/22 - Tuesday | 10:30


Oda Rodrigues

Oda Rodrigues holds a BA in Linguistics from USP, photographer of social movements, specialization degree in cinema, with an emphasis on production, from UNESPAR/FAP, MA degree with studies in the field of cinema and education from PPG-Artes/UNESPAR, screenwriter and assistant director for the documentary “Miriam Quer Brigar”, screenwriter and director of the short films “Banheirão”, “A Pesquisa”, “Preâmbulo Para Amar a Rua”, “8 Quadras”, “Gritos da Memória” and “Retrato Falado”, coordinates audiovisual production projects in public schools and audiovisual training courses for teachers, he is currently the City Secretary of Culture of Fazenda Rio Grande.

Fran Camilo

Fran Camilo is a producer, executive producer, director, cultural production director, journalist, and owner of Metafixa Produções. Born in Cáceres-MT, she currently lives in Londrina-PR. BA in Journalism from UEL and specialist degree in Cinema from Tuiuti, she works in cinema and TV, amassing over 20 works. Her main works are: “Mirador” (Bruno Costa), “Deserto Particular” (Aly Muritiba), “Alice Junior” (Gil Baroni), “A Mesma Parte de Um Homem” (Ana Johann), “Tentei” (Laís Melo), “Bicho do Mato” (Juliana Sanson), and “Duda” (Eugenia Castello and William Biagioli). Furthermore, she directed the feature-length documentary “Londrina Sorri Para o Choro” (2018), the short film “Meu Nome é Eva” (in completion), and the documentary “A Paz Que A Gente Quer” (in post-production). She is currently producing a TV series for Canal Brasil called “Caravelle 114”.

Kariny Martins

Curator, researcher, and screenwriter. She is an associate partner at Cartografia Filmes and a screenwriter at TV Globo. She holds an MA in Film and Video Arts from the State University of Paraná with research on speculative fiction in Brazilian Black Cinema and is a PhD candidate in communication at the Fluminense Federal University with research on curatorship. Her research interests range from speculative fiction, curatorship in a decolonial perspective, and contemporary Black Cinema.

Andrei Bueno Carvalho

Andrei Bueno Carvalho holds a BA in Cinema and Video from UNESPAR/FAP. He works in Production, Executive Production, Screenwriting, and Direction. Founding partner of Cartografia Filmes, an audiovisual production company devoted to Black audiovisual identity, based in Curitiba-PR. Executive Director at Griot – Contemporary Black Film Festival. Script Curator at CURITIBAlab 2020-2022 – Olhar de Cinema. Director and screenwriter of the short film “Copiloto” (2018), selected in several national festivals. Elected City Audiovisual Counselor in Curitiba for the 2021-2023 term.