Between film & theory: publishing film books in Brazil

17/06/23 - Saturday | 11:00

Audiovisual production has surged in recent decades, as well as reflections and studies on film – both in independent courses and in academia. Whether focused on theory, past and present events, or the creative processes themselves, researchers have used writing as their own way of making cinema. The panel will present newly published film books, with the presence of the authors themselves, and discuss the relevance of this type of publication and theoretical production today.


>Juliana Costa

Juliana Costa is a film critic and researcher, editor of Abismu Magazine, the fanzine Zinematografo, and contributor to the website Cine Festivais. She is co-founder of the Academia das Musas Film Club, devoted to the study and dissemination of the work of female directors. She has published in national magazines such as Filme e Cultura, Teorema, and Cinética, as well as international magazines such as Cámbrica, from Ecuador, and Fantômas, from Holland.


Beatriz Avila Vasconcelos

Beatriz Avila Vasconcelos is a professor in the Undergraduate Course in Cinema and Audiovisual and in the Master's Course in Cinema and Video Arts at the State University of Paraná/FAP. She has a degree in Literature, with a PhD in Classical Literature (Humboldt University-Berlin). Her research interests include the relationship between cinema and poetry and on studies regarding the image and its relationship with language, culture, and the sensitive. She is head of the Research Group on Art, Culture, and Subjectivities (GPACS). She coordinates the Film and Video Arts Collection.

Kariny Martins

Kariny Martins is a film curator, screenwriter, and researcher. MA in Cinema and Video Arts from the State University of Paraná (Unespar) and PhD candidate in Social Communication at the Fluminense Federal University (UFF), she investigates the intersections between speculative fiction, contemporary Black cinemas, and curatorship from a decolonial perspective. She is currently a screenwriter at TV Globo. She is the author of the book "Speculative Fiction in Brazilian Black Cinema: Afrofuturist Aesthetics in Short Films", A Quadro Publishing House, 2023.

Pedro Plaza Pinto

Pedro Plaza Pinto is a professor in the Undergraduate Course in History-Memory and Image and in the Postgraduate Program in History at the Federal University of Paraná. He also works as a collaborating professor in the Master’s Course in Cinema and Video Arts at the State University of Paraná. He is a member of the research groups Art, Memory and Narrative (UFPR/CNPq), History and Audiovisual (USP/CNPq), and Cinecriare (Unespar/CNPq). He is the author of the book "Paulo Emílio in the Emergence of Cinema Novo: Dialogues with David Neves and Glauber Rocha", A Quadro Publishing House, 2023.

Rodrigo Grota

Rodrigo Grota was born in Marília, São Paulo, in 1979. He has directed more than 20 projects, among films and TV series, amassing over 70 awards at national and international festivals. Phd and MA in Literature, he holds a BA in Journalism and a Specialist diploma in Philosophy - both from the State University of Londrina. Founder of Kinoarte, an institute he coordinated between 2003 and 2013, he has been a partner at Kinopus since 2014. He is the author of two books: "Anotações Para o Leste" (2019) and "Fantasmátika" (2022).

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