Challenging our Perspectives and Attaining the Future

10/10/20 - Saturday | 16:00



The contemporary audiovisual sector and the financial support mechanisms for strengthening women’s creative production.

An initiative by the MAP – Women in the Paraná Audiovisual Sector Concept and coordination of the panels: Thaís Aguiar and Jaciara’Rocha

MAP Mulheres do Audiovisual Paraná is a network for opening spaces and creating actions to promote women in the market. The MAP is an initiative that enhances, supports, and provides visibility to women in the audiovisual sector. With an ongoing cycle of webinars since the beginning of the pandemic, the MAP has been consolidating the production of ideas for transforming into action what has been shared in theory.


Kariny Martins

Kariny Martins holds a Master’s Degree in Cinema and Video Arts from the State University of Paraná, with research on speculative fiction in black Brazilian cinema. She coordinates the curatorship/programming of Griot – Festival of Contemporary Black Cinema as well as the programming of the 4th APAN International Festival. She works with curatorship, screenwriting, and direction.


Paula Gomes

Audiovisual distributor and producer, BA in Marketing from FGV, current member of Olhar Distribution. She previously worked in the executive production of short and feature films as well as TV content. She coordinated the Southeast Regional Office of the Content Production Line for Public TVs from 2014 to 2016. She is member of the current management staff of AVEC/PR (Cinema and Video Association of Paraná) and serves as the Municipal Councilor of Culture, representing the audiovisual sector in the 2020 administration.

Carolina Gomes

BA in Literature from the University of Sao Paulo and post-graduate degree in Audiovisual Screenwriting from SENAC-SP. With a career spanning over 10 years at Avon, she currently works in the company’s Communication sector. She is one of the creators of FAMA (Avon Audiovisual Fund for Women).

Alessandra Haro

Executive Producer, MA in artistic projects from Universidad Europea de Madrid, post-graduate degree in Visual Anthropology from Candido Mendes University, and BA in Advertising from PUC-PR. She participated in over 30 films (feature, shorts, documentaries, and TV series) as production director, assistant director, still photographer, etc. Her most prominent works include the feature film Estômago (2008), the Fox TV series O Mundo de Jacquin (2017), and the short film Vizinhos (2019). She has worked as a teacher for 16 years and is currently a professor and academic advisor at the International Film Academy of São Paulo and a professor of Innovation at the Escola Superior de Empreendedorismo. She is also an executive producer at Maranha Filmes where she develops audiovisual, artistic, and cultural projects based on everyday actions to inspire more people to generate real transformations in their communities.

Cíntia Domit Bittar

Cíntia Domit Bittar is a founding partner of Novelo Filmes (Florianópolis, 2010) where she works as a producer, director, screenwriter, and editor in independent audiovisual productions. Her most recent short film, BAILE, is a finalist in the Grand Prize of Brazilian Cinema and winner of the 60th FICCI – Cartagena IFF. In addition to being a filmmaker, she occupies leading positions in related entities, including the board of API – Brazilian Audiovisual Association of Independent Producers.