Programming Team of the 11th Olhar de Cinema

02/06/22 - Thursday | 10:30

An open conversation with the curators of the 11th edition of Olhar de Cinema about this year’s selections, films, and events.


Camila Macedo

Camila Macedo works in research, curatorship, and filmmaking, with a focus on the interfaces between art, education, and gender and sexuality studies. She is a PhD candidate in Education at UFPR and holds a BA in Cinema and Video from UNESPAR. Along with Débora Zanatta, she is a programmer at Cineclube Solax and coordinator of the SESI-PR Audiovisual Center. She has been a member of the Olhar de Cinema curatorial panel since 2018.

Antonio Gonçalves Jr

Co-founder, Director General and Artistic Director of Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Film Festival.

Carla Italiano

Film researcher and programmer for exhibitions and festivals. She is a PhD candidate in Social Communication at UFMG. She was a curator for the exhibition “Magical Women – Reinventions of The Witch in Cinema” (CCBB, 2022) and the “Helena Solberg Retrospective” (CCBB, 2018) among others, in addition to coordinating the – Belo Horizonte Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival. She is from Recife and lives in Belo Horizonte.

Gabriel Borges

Gabriel Borges is from the city of Ponta Grossa, Parana. He is a curator, film club organizer, editor, and sometimes a film director. A Masters candidate in Film and Video Arts at the Universidade Estadual do Paraná, Gabriel has experience in film direction and editing as well as organizing and programming film exhibitions and festivals such as the III Griot – Contemporary Black Film Festival and the 8th Festival of Fine Films.

Kariny Martins

Curator, researcher, and screenwriter. She is an associate partner at Cartografia Filmes and a screenwriter at TV Globo. She holds an MA in Film and Video Arts from the State University of Paraná with research on speculative fiction in Brazilian Black Cinema and is a PhD candidate in communication at the Fluminense Federal University with research on curatorship. Her research interests range from speculative fiction, curatorship in a decolonial perspective, and contemporary Black Cinema.

Carol Almeida

Researcher, teacher and film curator. PhD from the Federal University of Pernambuco, with research focused on contemporary Brazilian cinema. She has been a member of the curatorial team of Olhar de Cinema since 2017, and has participated in the curatorship of festivals such as Recifest, Sesc Film Festival and, more recently, the 2nd Arab Women Film Festival in Brazil.

Bruno Galindo

As an independent curator, Bruno Galindo has worked on the projects “Aesthetics of The Periphery” (Ação Educativa SP), “Abô.Lição Exhibit” (CCSP), “Serei por Somos Exhibit” (Vila das Artes-CE), and in film and audiovisual research for the “Carolina Maria de Jesus Exhibition, A Brazil for Brazilians” (IMS-Paulista). As a guest curator he has worked for the festivals Kinoforum and FestCurtasBH.