Representativity and the Superpowers of Cinema

12/10/20 - Monday | 16:00



The power of cinema narratives and their reverberations in society.

An initiative by the MAP – Women in the Paraná Audiovisual Sector Concept and coordination of the panels: Thaís Aguiar and Jaciara’Rocha

MAP Mulheres do Audiovisual Paraná is a network for opening spaces and creating actions to promote women in the market. The MAP is an initiative that enhances, supports, and provides visibility to women in the audiovisual sector. With an ongoing cycle of webinars since the beginning of the pandemic, the MAP has been consolidating the production of ideas for transforming into action what has been shared in theory.


Vanessa Vieira Dos Santos

Actress, cultural producer, and film director. She holds a BA in Cinema from Unespar and a BA in History from the Maringá State University. She directed the documentaries De Lá pra Cá (2015) (2015) and Tia Mide: Uma Mulher do Meu Paraná (2016). She has worked across multiple roles for 20 years in pursuit of narratives that envision the construction of new imaginaries. Member of the production team at Festival Griot, founding member of MAP – Women in the Parana Audiovisual, and associate of APAN – Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals.


Eliane Caffé

Eliane Caffé concluded her BA in psychology and in 1990 began her film studies at the Escola Internacional de Cine y TV de San Antonio de los Baños. She then made short and feature films, including Kenoma, Narradores de Javé, O Sol do Meio-Dia, and Era o Hotel Cambridge; all of which amassed awards from critics and renowned national and international film festivals and exhibitions. She also directed TV series and documentaries. In addition to cinema, the filmmaker dedicates herself to the coordination of audiovisual workshops in conflict zones in the city of São Paulo and in the Brazilian countryside.

Julia Katharine

Actress, filmmaker, and screenwriter. Winner of the Helena Ignez Award at the Tiradentes Film Festival, 2018. First trans woman filmmaker to have a film screened on the Brazilian commercial circuit, Tea for Two (2019).

Carla Caffé

Carla Caffé is an artist, production designer, art director, and professor. Her main film projects include: Era o Hotel Cambridge, by Eliane Caffé, 2017 and Central do Brasil, by Walter Salles, 1998. As a researcher of the hybrid languages between cinema and the arts, she published the book Era o Hotel Cambridge, Arquitetura, Cinema e Educação by SESC Publishing House, addressing the art direction process in the eponymous film. This innovative experience led to her participation in International Architecture Biennials such as São Paulo 2017, Venice 2018, and Chicago 2019. Her latest film was Para Onde Voam as Feiticeiras, being responsible for the art direction as well as the co-direction alongside Eliane Caffé and Beto Amaral. She teaches at Escola da Cidade and in the free courses at SESC Pompeia. She is renowned for her multidisciplinary projects involving pedagogical practices, arts, and cinema.

Patricia Saravy

Patricia Carvalho Saravy is a Brazilian actress in the process of creating artistic/social dialogues between cinema, theater, performances, literature, and art education.