Scar machine: the films of David Cronenberg

21/06/23 - Wednesday | 11:00

Horror, mutations, technology, ego and identity. A dialogue on the films and themes of this year's Retrospective Section, which showcases an excerpt from the daring filmography of Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg.


>Carla Italiano

Carla Italiano is a film researcher and programmer for exhibitions and festivals. She is a PhD candidate in Social Communication at UFMG. She was a curator for the exhibition “Magical Women – Reinventions of The Witch in Cinema” (CCBB, 2022) and the “Helena Solberg Retrospective” (CCBB, 2018) among others, in addition to coordinating the – Belo Horizonte Documentary and Ethnographic Film Festival. She is from Recife and lives in Belo Horizonte.

>Gabriel Borges

Gabriel Borges is from the city of Ponta Grossa, Parana. He is a curator, film club organizer, editor, and sometimes a film director. A Masters candidate in Film and Video Arts at the Universidade Estadual do Paraná, Gabriel works in film direction and editing as well as organizing and programming film exhibitions and festivals such as the III Griot – Contemporary Black Film Festival and the 6th Metrô – Brazilian Student Film Festival.


Debora Breder

PhD in Anthropology from the Fluminense Federal University, with a doctoral internship at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris. MA in Anthropology from the Fluminense Federal University and BA in Social Communication, with a major in Cinema from the Fluminense Federal University. BA in Cinema from the Escuela Internacional de Cine, Televisión y Video de San António de Los Baños, Cuba (1992). She has worked in short and medium-length film productions, performing different roles. She is currently an adjunct professor at the Catholic University of Petrópolis in the Postgraduate Program in Education. She has experience in the areas of Anthropology of Cinema, Gender Relations, Education, and Communication, with a focus on the following topics: cinema and audiovisual, body, social markers of difference, education.

Rodolfo Stancki

Rodolfo Stancki is a journalist and author of the book "The Twilight Zone" (2021). He organized the books "The Best of Horror of the 80s" (2020) and The "Best of Horror of the 90s" (2021). He writes about cinema for the cultural journalism portal A Escotilha. He is a university professor in the Journalism and Cinema courses at PUCPR and holds a PhD in Technology and Society from UTFPR.

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