Show Me the Fund – Mapping International Funds and Opportunities

08/10/20 - Thursday | 16:00



Launch of the 5th edition of Show me The Fund (mapping international funds for Brazilian producers) and a conversation with Ivan Melo and Tati Leite regarding opportunities and their experience with foreign funds.

An initiative and concept by Cinema do Brasil.


Ivan Mello

Executive producer for Mostra de SP and director of the Paulínia Festival, where he was responsible for filming 40 Brazilian feature films in the city studios and locations. He worked at the distributing companies Cult, Mais Filmes and Filmes da Mostra, and Circuito Arteplex. Executive producer for the documentary Bem-Vindo a São Paulo and the feature film Tinnitus, by Gregório Graziosi. He co-produced Corpo Elétrico, by Marcelo Caetano, Alvorada, by Anna Muylaert and Lô Politi, A Mãe, by Cristiano Bulan, and Bob Cuspe, Nós Não Gostamos de Gente, by Cesar Cabral.

Tatiana Leite

Holds a BA in Art History from Sorbonne University and a BA in Law from PUC-Rio. She was the international coordinator of the Rio Festival and member of the selection committee of the Intl Short Film Festival. She coordinated the Rio Film Commission and served as international advisor to the state secretary of culture. Creator and curator of the exhibition Occupation on Screen – The New Cinema from Rio, in London. She founded the production company and collective Bubbles Project, where she produced Órfãos de Eldorado, Aspirantes (Carte Blanche at the Locarno Festival 2014), Pendular, Benzinho (Sundance Festival and Gramado Festival), and Família Submersa.

Adriane Freitag

Executive Manager of Cinema do Brasil. Holds a BA in Visual Arts, a Specialization degree in Cultural History and Business Administration, she has extensive experience in Executive Production in Institutions such as Itaú Cultural and Unibes Cultural, as well as in Public Management. She is the Manager of Cinema do Brasil, a program created by SIAESP in 2006 to promote National Cinema abroad.