Where does writing end and directing begin? – The case of "Cabeça de Nêgo"

16/06/23 - Friday | 11:00

From an idea to a final script: how can we identify if an idea can be transformed into a film (short, feature, series). The writing relationship: how to identify if your script actually works. Script adjustments on the eve of filming. Can it be done? Locations and rehearsals in the writing process. The rites of the movie set.


Déo Cardoso

Director and screenwriter Déo Cardoso holds a BA in dramaturgy from Instituto Dragão do Mar (Fortaleza-CE) and an MA from the School of Cinema at Ohio University, USA (2002-2005), where he won the Billman Fine Arts Award for the screenplay of the short film "Port of Rafts" (2005). After writing and directing 5 fiction short films, more notably "Pode Me Chamar de Nadí" (2009), Déo Cardoso debuted his feature film in 2020 with the fiction "Cabeça de Nêgo", selected best film of 2021 by Abraccine - Brazilian Association of Film Critics; and by APCA - Sao Paulo Association of Art Criticism, in addition to the best film award (popular vote) at the Gostoso Film Festival and the Olhar do Ceará Trophy at the Cine-Ceará Festival. For the screenplay of "Cabeça de Nêgo", Déo won the best screenplay award of 2021 from ABRA - Brazilian Association of Screenwriters and Best Film at the Guarani Award for Brazilian Cinema 2021.

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