We are in the 1930s and Enedina Alves Marques becomes the first black woman to earn a diploma in civil engineering from the Federal University of Paraná. Not only an extremely sexist environment, but also predominantly racist. Stemming from three testimonies, we learn more about Enedina’s life story and how she became a reference for several other black women in Brazil’s academic environment, especially within engineering. (C. A)




Pedro Vigeta Lopes, Pâmela Regina Kath, Mickaelle Lima Souza, Lívia Zanuni

Mickaelle Lima Souza, 19 years old. Lívia Zanuni, 23 years old. Pâmela Regina Kath, 19 years old. Pedro Vilo, 24 years old. All of them are students in the Cinema and Audiovisual course at UNESPAR.