The festival has 9 official prizes and some prizes with partners.


Feature FIlms
_Olhar Award – Best Film;
_Special Jury Prize;
_Artistic Contribution Award (The award can be given to the a screenwriter, director, actor/actress, original score composer, editor, director of photography, art director or sound designer);
_Audience Award;

Short Films
_Olhar Award – Best Film;
_Audience Award;

Other Official Awards

Feature Films
_Olhares Brasil Award – Best Brazilian Feature Film of the sections Competition, Other Views and New Views sections;
_New Views Award – Best Film of the New Views;
_Best feature film of the Other Views;

Short Films
_Olhares Brasil Award – Best Brazilian Short Film of the sections Competition and Other Views sections;

Partners’ Awards

Critics’ Award / Abraccine
_Best feature film of the section Competitive;

Created in 2011, The Brazilian Film Critics Association (Abraccine) is a result of a historic enterprise, being the first national organization to gather Brazilian film critics. It offers one prize for the best film of the Feature Film Competition.

_Best short film of the Mirada Paranaense


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