There are several sections in the Olhar de Cinema – CIFF. Here you can know a little bit more of them.

Opening and closing night film.

Retrospective highlights a great name of the world cinema, making a retrospective and a deep reflection of the work and the trajectory of the author.

The Classics offers a wide-ranging selection of films that have left their imprint the history of cinema. A panorama of works from different countries, directors, genres, and periods that above all else reveals passion and admiration for the medium and its heritage.

Focus highlights the works of a new author, often lesser known or rarely seen within the Brazilian festival circuit. A privileged opportunity to explore a fresh and constantly improving work, yet already conveying the necessary force to become a household name of contemporary cinema.

Special Screenings is a space for the masters of world cinema, rediscovered works, and highlights of contemporary Brazilian cinema. It also provides space for sneak previews. The section consists of films reflecting different cultures and realities as it blends elements from the cinematic past and present to envision future possibilities.

The Short and Feature Films Competition Section embraces a series of gambles and discoveries of recently concluded films that have yet to screen in Brazil. Here one finds a balance between inventiveness, contemporary issues, and the potential for communicating with an audience. Those who experience the Competition films will face risky, committed, and engaging narratives.

The New Views section presents films with a daring radicalism in their aesthetic proposals as they flirt with adventure and risky unknown paths. There films invite the audience to a lyrical plunge, proposing the coldness of epic detachment, investigating allegorical creations, or venturing on the encounter with the real.

The Other Views section for Short and Feature Films establishes a dialogue between newly released films, world premieres, and already renowned works on recent international circuits. Those experiencing the Other Views will discover a variety of styles, aesthetics, and approaches as these works confront contemporary issues and the world’s polarizing challenges.

The Mirada Paranaense section dedicates itself to a panorama of local cinema production. The audience is invited to experience the early productions of young local filmmakers as well as original works from veteran filmmakers.

The Young Views section is dedicated to kids with films selected for diferente age groups. An open space in which young spectators alongside their families and friends may relish the festival experience.

Olhares Brasil presents a panorama of Brazilian short and feature films, whether newly released or previously screened in film festivals in Brazil and around the world.