“My Heart Is A Little More Empty In The Flood” embraces the liminal point that traverses the first-person documentary: the intertwining between personal memory and collective experience. The film’s structural elements: an emphasis on an element simultaneously natural and transfigured by the works of the lives of countless people, the figured climax in the encounter with a fortuitous and festive time; as if trying to underline these threads that run through the individual and the collective. *(E.B)


Sabrina Trentim

Sabrina Trentim is a young filmmaker from the Brazilian state of Tocantins with a degree in Film and Audiovisual from the Parana Arts College. She works with audiovisual production and production of cultural events, film and education research, and is passionate about essay cinema.



Sabrina Trentim


Sabrina Trentim


Lohan Tostole


13º Festival de Cinema da Lapa