When a van crashes into the square of a small Czech town during a local festivity, running over one person, the peaceful existence of the village is turned upside down. Soon to be a father, volunteer firefighter Standa (Michal Istenik) finds himself at the center of an investigation hunting for culprits or scapegoats, in an environment of growing paranoia. A parable about contemporary times that explores themes such as xenophobia and manipulation of reality, carefully blending an allegorical structure by way of its environment and characters. (E. V.)



Adam Koloman Rybanský

Koloman Rybanský was born in 1994 in Hradec Kr.lov.. He studied film directing at FAMU in Prague since 2013. During his studies he wrote and directed several short films which were shown at the various international film festivals. He was nominated for the best student film at the Czech Lion Awards in 2017 and 2018. In 2021, Rybanský graduated from FAMU with his feature debut "Somewhere Over The Chemtrails".



Eva Pavlíčková, Pavel Vácha


Matěj Piňos


Alan Sýs


Berlinale – Berlin IFF 2022