Archive 2018


DRVO – The Tree
André Gil Mata

Brunna Laboissière

Good Luck
France, Germany
Ben Russel

The Wolf House
Cristóbal León, Joaquín Cociña

The Flower Shop
Belgium, Slovaquia
Ruben Desiere

Nervous Translations
Shireen Seno

Playing Men
Slovenia, Croatia
Matjaz Ivanisin

The Seen and Unseen
Kamila Andini

Sol Alegria
Tavinho Teixeira, Mariah Teixeira

The Widowed Witch
Cai Chengjie

There They Come!
Ezequiel Reyes

Mariana Jaspe

Evidence of the Evidence
United States
Alexander Johnston

Unidentified Black Man
Javier Extremera Rodríguez

Switzerland, Rwanda
Samuel Ishmwe

The Strange Story of Prince Dethmer
Corto Vaclav, Hadrien La Vapeur

Amaranta Cesar

Iran, Italy
Farnoosh samadi

Our Song to War
Belgium, Colombia
Juanita Onzaga

Solar Walk
Réka Bucsi

Black Mother
United States
Khalik Allah

Behind the Shutters
Messaline Raverdy

Expo Mess’92
María Cañas

The Endless Film
Leandro Listorti

Our Madness
João Viana

Simone Dourado, Nicolas Hallet, Mateus Dantas

Beyond the One
France, Italy, Germany
Anna Marziano

Before my Eyes
André Felix

Did you Wonder Who Fired the Gun?
United States
Travis Wilkerson

The Bottomless Bag
Rustam Khamdamov

Inland Sea
Kazuhiro Soda

The House is an Island Made of Wind and Rain
Letícia Simões

Pushkar Myths
Kamal Swaroop

The Dead Nation
Radu Jude

One or Two Questions
Germany, Uruguay
Kristina Konrad

Our House
Yui Kiyohara

Yours in Sisterhood
United States
Irene Lusztig

Antonio and Catarina
Cristina Hanes

The Ditch
Begoña Vicario

The Man with the Bycicle
Levan Tsintsadze

The Cemitery Lithens
Luis Alejandro Yero

We are All Here
Chico Santon, Rafael Mellim

Camila Gregório

Hair Wolf
United States
Mariama Diallo

Armand Rovira

Lembri Uudu
Eeva Mägi

Australia, United Kingdom
Pia Borg

Sweet Heart
Amina Jorge

Time to Leave, Tive to Return
Pedro Nishi

A Moon Made of Iron
France, Chile
Francisco Rodriguez

The Option
Ozualdo Ribeiro Candeias

The Firemen’s Ball
Milos Forman

The Meetings of Anna
France, Belgium, West Germany
Chantal Akerman

Night of the Living Dead
United States
George Romero

The Red Light Bandit
Rogério Sganzerla

Alice Guy-Blaché Shorts Program
United States
Alice Guy-Blaché

Santo vs. The Evil Brain
Mexico, Cuba
Joselito Rodriguez

Scarface: The Shame of a Nation
United Station
Howard Hawks

The Ladies’ Man
United States
Jerry Lewis

Janie Geiser – Program 1: Secret Stories

Janie Geiser – Program 2: Magnetic Sleep

Janie Geiser – Program 3: The Nervous Films

Janie Geiser – Program 4: Double Vision

Janie Geiser – Program 5: Exchanges

Janie Geiser – Program 6: Passages

Outer Edge
Ewerton Belico, Samuel Marotta

Brazil, France
Quentin Delaroche

Class Diary
Maria Carolina, Igor Souza

The Devil’s Knot
Ian Abé, Gabriel Martins, Jhésus Tribuzi, Ramon Porto Mota

Peggy and Fred in Hell: Folding
United States
Leslie Thornton

Special Screenings Program: Cinema, Memory, Elegy, Resistance
Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson, Debora Stratman, Jean-Marie Straub, Carlos Adriano.


Contras’ city
Djibril Diop Manbéty

Senegal, Switzerland, France
Djibril Diop Manbéty

The Little Girl Who Sold the Sun
Senegal, France, Switzerland, Germany
Djibril Diop Manbéty

Le Franc
Senegal, Switzerland, France
Djibril Diop Manbéty

Let’s Talk, Grandmother
Djibril Diop Manbéty

Touki Bouki
Djibril Diop Manbéty

Chronique d’un été
Jean Rouch

Jean Rouch

The Lion Hunters
Jean Rouch

The Punishment
Jean Rouch

The Pyramide Humaine
Jean Rouch

The Mad Masters
Jean Rouch

Mammy Water
Jean Rouch

I, a Negro
Jean Rouch

Little by Little
France, Nigeria
Jean Rouch

Above the Law
Diego Florentino

Ana Esperança

Euller Miller Between Two Worlds
Fernando Severo

Denise Kelm

Dive of the Eye
Haroldo Castro Alves

The Blessed
Tulio Viaro

Fernanda’s Spring
Débora Zanatta, Estevan de la Fuente

Bernardo Teodorico

Felipe Lovo, Maurício Santos

Fábio Allon

The Last Song for a Rude Heart
Marco Antônio Pereira

Carlotta’s Face
Valentin Rieldl, Fréderic Schuld

Grave of the Fireflies
Isao Takahata

In Love with Cinema
Askar Nurakun uulu

Sandwich Board Girl
Camila Tarifa

On the Way to School
Alunos do Projeto Animação


The Secrets of the Big River
Alunos do Projeto Animação

Guilherme Gehr

High School Spring
Maíra Kaline

About Us
Alunos do Projeto Animação

United States
Aharonit Elior

Safira Moreira dos Santos



André Novais Oliveira

Graduated in History by PUC-Minas and in Cinema by ELC / BH. he directed and wrote the short films “Ghosts”, “About a Month” and “Backyard” and the feature films “She Comes Back on Thursday” and “Temporada” (work-in-progress). Together, his films were screened and awarded in many different festivals and screenings like Cannes Critics Week, Rotterdam, Fid Marseille, Brasília and Tiradentes. Together with Gabriel Martins, Maurílio Martins and Thiago Macêdo Correia, he is part of the production company Filmes de Plástico.

Claire Allouche

Claire Allouche was born in Saint-Denis, France. She is a programming assistant at the 3 Continents Festivals, in Nantes. She is beginning a PhD project about the value of non-capital cities in contemporary Argentine and Brazilian cinemas, with the guidance of Dork Zabunyan and Thierry Roche, from Paris 8 University. She graduated in cinema by Ciné-Sup, in ENS Ulm, in Paris 8 and UNSAM (Argentina) and also in Special Social Sciences at EHESS (Paris). She writes eventually for cinema magazines.

Roger Koza

Member of FIPRESCI (The International Federation of the Cinematographic Press), Roger Koza works for La Voz del Interior (Córdoba, Argentina) as a film critic; He also writes about cinema for Ñ and Con los ojos abiertos. Koza is also programmer at Filmfest Hamburg, in Germany, and FICUNAM, in Mexico. He’s also Artistic Director at FICIC and DocBuenos Aires. He has participated as a jury member at IFFR,, Locarno Film Festival, Golden Apricot Film Festival, BAFICI, among others.

Olhares Brasil Award and New Views

Annouchka De Andrade

She has been working on the past 20 years in numerous cultural areas which include Film festival, management of cultural meetings and performances in international venues, promoting creativity in the arts, in particular, helping mature and develop young professionals. For the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Colombia and Spain Annouchka has been in charge of management of shared cultural heritage, promotion of national cinema. She is now Director of the International Film Festival of Amiens.

Ela Bittencourt

Ela Bittencourt is a critic, programmer and funder of Lyssaria, a new cinema website. Her articles are published on several international magazines, among them Artforum Art in America, Film Comment, Frieze, Hyperallergic, Sight & Sound and The Village Voice. She was curator of some screenings in the USA (True/False Film Festival; Museum of Moving Image / MoMI, New York) and in Brazil. She contributes with Sheffield DocFest and É Tudo Verdade film festivals.

Jang Byung-won

He received a doctorate in film theory from Chung Ang University. He worked as a chief editor of weekly film magazine FILM 2.0. and as a curator dor Im Kwan Taek Film Museum. He has been working as a programmer at Jeonju International Film Festival since 2013. He teaches film theory, film history, and film aesthetics in film school.

Other Views

Filipa Reis

Filipa Reis has been directing documentaries since 2010 with João Miller Guerra, and their films are regularly Shown and awarded in festivals such as Cinéma du Réel, IDFAm DokLeipzig, Bafici, Bordocs, Doclisboa, Olhar de Cinema or IndieLisboa. Their first feature film “Djón África”, premiered at Rotterdam IFF 2018. At Uma Pedra no Sapato they develop and produce documentary and fiction films, where they work their own cinematic projects as well as from other directors.

Juliana Antunes

Juliana Antunes is the director and screenwriter of the feature film “Baronesa”. screened in more than 40 film festivals, with 8 international and 10 Brazilian prizes. Also, she directed and wrote the screipt of the short film “Plano Controle”, a work-in-progress project to be released in the second semester of 2018. She was a programmer of CINE 104 projections place and she is curator for Cineclube Aranha, both in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Leonardo Bomfim

Leonardo is a programmer for Capitólio Petrobras Cinematheque since 2015 and for Sala P. F. Gatal since 2013, in Porto Alegre, Brazil. He was the editor of Czech Nouvelle Vague screening catalog. He collaborated with the catalog. He collaborated with the catalog of Godard Inteiro ou o Mundo em Pedaços screening. Leonardo has published texts for Teorema, Norte, Zinematógrafo and Aurora.


Emanuela Siqueira

Masters student by UFPR, she researches written transgressions produced by women. Emanuella writes about cinema since 2008, and today collaborates with Quadro por Quadro website. She is part of Elviras “C Collective of Women Cinema critics and participated as jury for Colors: Cinema and Diversity and took part on debates about women representations on cinema and women actions in cinema critics. a member of AVEC-PR, today she is interested in researching about women audiovisual productions in Parana.

Jessica Candal

Jessica Candal has a bachelor degree in Audiovisual (ECA-USP) and is a specialist in Visual Poetics (EMBAP). As a filmmaker, the highlight of her work is the medium lengh film “O Espelho de AnA”. And as a screenwriter, the feature films “Rust” and “Barba Ensopada de Sangue”. along with Aly Muritiba, and “Tão Longe do Centro da Terra”, along with Aarón Fernandez. as a curator, in past years, she worked for Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba Int’l Film Festival and FICBIC – Curitiba’s Biennal International Film Festival.

Nelson Settani

He works as an audiovisual producer since 2005. Since 2013 he documents urban occupations in Curitiba by Movimento Popular por Moradia “C MPM (Popular Movement for Residence). On May 13, 2016 he actively participated in the occupation for the culture at IPAHN in Curitiba, resisting to the parliamentary coup. Today he is the president of AVECPR “C Paraná Cinema and Video association and a substitute in the Cultural State Council.

Critic's Award (Abraccine)

Susana Schild

Journalist, film critic, screenwriter. She worked at Jornal do Brasil, was collaborator for O Estado de São Paulo, and directed the Cinemateque of Modern art Museum (Rio de Janeiro). She wrote the script of “Depois daquele baile” and “Mão da luva” (directed by Roberto Bomtempo). Curator of the bilingual edition of Brazilian cinema Today: Critics and Specialist’s Essays from all over the country (Latin Alerican Training Center), Since October 2010 is part of the film critic’s crew for O Globo. Author of the child book ” As Aventuras de Jajá”.

Vitor Búrigo

Graduated in Video and Cinema ar UNISUL, Santa Catarina. Worked in television, radio and cinema in many different functions, in companies such as Record, SBT and Jovam Pan, and also in film production companies such as Record, SBT and Jovem Pan, and also in film production companies. In 2013, he created the CINEVITOR show on Youtube, where he talks about cinema through many different themes. He also interviews directors and actors, as well as does festival coverages. In January 2014, he released the website CINEVITOR online, expanding his way of talking about films. He also acts as a critic for Preview Magazine.

Emanuela Siqueira

Masters student by UFPR, she researches written transgressions produced by women. Emanuella writes about cinema since 2008, and today collaborates with Quadro por Quadro website. She is part of Elviras “C Collective of Women Cinema critics and participated as jury for Colors: Cinema and Diversity and took part on debates about women representations on cinema and women actions in cinema critics. a member of AVEC-PR, today she is interested in researching about women audiovisual productions in Parana.

Kênia Freitas

Post-PHD student in Communication at UNESP, PhD in Communication by UFRJ, master in Multimedia by Unicamp and graduated in Journalism by UFES. She was curator of the screenings frofuturismo: cinema e música em uma diáspora intergaláctica (2015/ Caixa Belas Artes/SP), A Magia da Mulher Negra (2017/Sesc Belenzinho/SP) and Diretoras Negras no Cinema brasileiro (2017/Caixa Cultural/DF e RJ). She writes cinema critics for “Multiplot!” and is a part of the Elviras “C Collective of Women Cinema Critics”.

Robledo Milani

Chief-editor of website Papo de Cinema, president of ACCIRS – Rio Grande do Sul Critics Association, founder member of ABRACCINE – Brazilian Cinema Critics Association.


Vila Pérola

Felipe Lovo and Maurício Ferreira
Fiction Feature Film


Larissa Fernandes, Cauê Brandão and Lidiana Reis
Fiction Feature Film


Susana Costa Amaral and Bia Medeiros)
Fiction Feature Film

Quase Iguais

Thais Bologna and André Queiroz
Fiction Feature Film


Rodriane Dellê and Ana Paula Málaga
Fiction Feature Film

O Nascimento de Astério

Francisco Gusso and Lígia Teixeira
Fiction Feature Film

Hotel California

Daniel Nolasco and Wadih Elkadi
Fiction Feature Film

Estrela do Sul

Roberson Corrêa and Laís Lifschitz
Fiction Feature Film

Jovem: Presente!

Thiago Benites and Ighor Augusto

Juventude Azul

Alana Rodrigues and Fernanda Morin

Nega Ela

Guto Pasko and Ana Cláudia Justino

Feito de Barro e Ossos

Leandro Cordeiro and Rodrigo Ribeiro

Guerra de Porecatu

Nelson Settani and Jessica Candal

Recomendação das Almas

Anderson Simão and André Senna


Renato Ogata and Gil Baroni

Três Câmeras Ilegais

Nicolás Gómez Portillo and Willian Fragata


Elder Maxwhite and Marcos Savae

Netas do Coronel

Sônia Procópio, Jessica Candal and Denise Fait

Terra Rica

Daniel Pereira and Camille Bolson

M de Morte

Gabriela Rosa and Thais Peixe

Thereza das Marés

Julia Vidal and Isabele Orengo


Felipe Lovo and Willian Fragat

Família Tradicional

Thiago Benites and Igor Augusto


Meet the Programmers

An open conversation to the public with the programmers of 7th Olhar de Cinema about this year’s selection, its films and events.

Distribution and Exibition of Authorial Cinema

The challenges and possible ways for exhibition of auteur cinema and television.

Curatorship and Critics

The relation between critics and curatorship on the building of cinematographic thinking. What are the convergences and divergences between curators and programmers about contemporary cinema? In the midst of interest conflicts, how to prevent one part from being subjugated to another?

Q&A Screening

Screening of the film”Chronicle of a Summer”, directed by Jean Rouch, and Q&A with Carla Italiano and Mateus Araújo.

Festivals Curatorship

The role of film programmers in festivals and screenings: the legitimacy of aesthetics trends and the search for new languages. The different methodologies of work and the connection with cinematographic market.

The Cinema of Djibril Diop Mambéty and Jean Rouch

A group discussion about the distinguished and united legacies of two masters of Mondial cinema honored in Retrospective section this year.

Finalization Processes

The challenges in orchestrating the finalization of image, sound, accessibility, deliveries, etc., of an audiovisual project.

Representation and Representativity Politics of Trans People in Cinema

Discussion about the stereotypes in the cinematographic representations of trans people, about the narrative construction that desestabilizes stigmas and about the presence of trans professionals and artists in front and behind cameras.

Illustrated Talk

An illustrated talk on which the American director Janie Geiser, Focus’ guest artist this year, discusses all her references and influences, cinematographic and personal, for the film “Arbor” (2012, 7min).