Selected films for the sections Special Screenings and Other Views and Closing Film

Selected films for the sections Special Screenings and Other Views and Closing Film

In his frenzied delirious fables, Glauber Rocha foresaw much of what we experience in contemporary Brazil. In Race Antenna, Paloma Rocha and Luís Abramo retrieve dialogues, excerpts, film scenes, and interviews from the Cinema Novo filmmaker and update them with real characters, actors in our contemporary tragedy. By merging past and present, the film closes the 9th edition of Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba IFF.

Race Antenna (Brazil, 2020, 71 min.), Dir: Paloma Rocha and Luís Abramo


Among this year’s sections, Special Screenings showcases films by the great masters of world cinema as it seeks to rediscover works, emphasizing Brazilian cinema and opening a special spot for premieres.

With a reduced selection in this edition, we present two titles that aptly summarize the section’s objective. THE TANGO OF THE WIDOWER and Its Distorting Mirror is the first. Chilean director Raúl Ruiz’s first feature film, shot in 1967, was only concluded this year by the filmmaker’s widow, Valeria Sarmiento. The Widower’s Tango was recently found, restored, and had its premiere screening at the Berlin Festival.

THE TANGO OF THE WIDOWER and Its Distorting Mirror (EL TANGO DEL VIUDO y su espejo deformante, Chile, 2020, 63 min), Dir: Raúl Ruiz and Valeria Sarmiento

Brazilian filmmaker Karim Aïnouz completes the selection with his film Nardjes A. Also screened this year at Berlinale the film narrates the story of the eponymous Algerian activist amid popular protests against the candidacy of president Bouteflika for a 5th term.

Nardjes A. (Algeria/France/Germany/Brazil/Qatar, 2020, 80 min), Dir: Karim Aïnouz


The Other Views sections combines feature and short films, unscreened anywhere the world, as well as films with a prior track record in recent international festivals and exhibitions. A diversity of proposals, styles, languages, and approaches built upon extremities that reflect the contemporary world.

The hitherto unscreened Brazilian feature films include The pink Indian against the invisible beast: Noel Nutels’ battle, by Tiago de Almeida, and The Arrow and the Uniform, by Miguel Antunes Ramos, in addition to Amazon Mirror, by Fernando Segtowick, recently selected for the Berlin Festival. Also arriving from Berlinale is the Indian film Chronicle of Space, by Akshay Indikar, the co-production between France, Belgium, and Burkina Faso, After the Crossing, directed by Joël Akafou, and the Argentine feature film Corporate Accountability, by Jonathan Perel.

From FIDMarseille comes the Slovenian/Czech co-production, Oroslan, by Matjaz Ivanisin; from the NY Film Festival comes Trouble, a co-production between the United States and the United Kingdom directed by Mariah Garnett; and, finally, the Chilean feature film Night Shot, directed by Carolina Moscoso Briceño.

Short films from around the world

The selection of short films also emphasizes the new Brazilian production, with the films Nonsense Guerrilla’s Manual, by Joacélio Batista; Memby, by Rafael Castanheira Parrode, and Riff-Raff, by Mariah Teixeira and Nanda Félix. The selection also includes many other international representatives from diverse countries such as Iran, Argentina, Cambodia, Cuba, and Russia.

See below the complete list of selected films in the section OTHER VIEWS:

Feature films

Oroslan (Slovenia, Czech Republic, 71 min.), Dir: Matjaz Ivanisin

Corporate Accountability (Responsabilidad Empresarial, Argentina, 68 min.), Dir: Jonathan Perel

Who Is Afraid of Ideology? (Lebanon, Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, 57 min.), Dir: Marwa Arsanios;

After the Crossing (Traverse, France, Belgium, Burkina Faso, 77 min.), Dir: Joël Akafou;

Chronicle of Space (Sthalpuran, India, 86 min.) Dir: Akshay Indikar;

Trouble (USA, UK, 82 min.), Dir: Mariah Garnett;

Amazon Mirror (O Reflexo do Lago, Brazil, 80 min.), Dir: Fernando Segtowick.

The pink Indian against the invisible beast: Noel Nutels’ battle (O índio cor de rosa contra a fera invisível: a peleja de Noel Nutels, Brazil, 71 min.), Dir: Tiago de Almeida.

The Arrow and the Uniform (A Flecha e a Farda, Brasil, 85 min.), Dir: Miguel Antunes Ramos.

Night Shot (Visión nocturna, Chile, 80 min.), Dir: Carolina Moscoso Briceño

Short films

Nonsense Guerrilla’s Manual (Manual do Zueiro Sem Noção, Brazil, 16 min.) Dir: Joacélio Batista;

Memby (Brazil, 18 min.) Dir: Rafael Castanheira Parrode;

Rafameia (Brazil, 24 min.) Dir: Mariah Teixeira, Nanda Félix;

Inner Self (Nahan, Iran, 15 min.) Dir: Mohammad Hormozi;

Playback (Playback. Ensayo de una despedida, Argentina, 14 min.) Dir: Agustina Comedi;

Alien (REONGHEE, South Africa, 15 min.) Dir: Jegwang Yeon;

California Dreaming (Soben California, Cambodia, 16 min.) Dir: Sreylin Meas;

Girls grow up drawing horses (USA, 7 min.) Dir: Joanie Wind;

Mary, Mary, So Contrary (Singapore, 15 min.) Dir: Nelson Yeo;

A Fire in the Sun (Las llamas del sol, Spain, 12 min.) Dir: Pepe Sapena;

The Golden Buttons (Zolotye Pugovitzi, Russia, 20 min.), Dir: Alex Evstigneev;

The Wolf Kids (Los niños lobo, Cuba, 18 min.) Dir: Otávio Almeida;

Lonely Rivers (Spain, France, 28 min.) Dir: Mauro Herce.



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