Young Views and Mirada Paranaense

Young Views and Mirada Paranaense

At the 8th Edition of Olhar de Cinema – Curitiba International Film Festival, two traditional sections reinforce the festival’s identity and underline one of its primary goals: to promote and further increase the reach and scope of audiovisual productions. The Young Views and Mirada Paranaense sections are a two-fold approach to this objective.

Young Views is concerned with building an audience by selecting films that dialogue with children and teenagers in specific programs for each age range. In addition to enabling youngsters to live the experience of a film festival, it grants the audience an opportunity to see films that are either unavailable or inaccessible in theatrical releases.

In this eighth edition, Young Views presents the feature film “Sun Inside”, directed by Jô Serfaty, about the daily life of a group of young people in a community in Rio de Janeiro. The film was widely acclaimed in this year’s Tiradentes Film Festival, where it picked up the award for best editing for the work of Cristina Amaral.

Eleven short films, divided into three programs, complete the selection. The program presents an international panorama for the kids with the Spanish film “Dry Fly”, the Swiss “Circuit”, the Belgian “Puppet” and the Brazilian “Lily’s Hair” addressing topics such as identification and the environment in playful and accessible formats. The program for the entire family includes the films “Kids”, “Vivi Wolf and the Magical Room”, “The Juggler”, and “The Great Love of a Wolf”, which speaks of personal experiences and the intricacies of living in society. The program for youths returns to such issues, but delves further into and amplifies other topics and situations with the films “Alma”, “Waterproof Wick”, and “BLACKN3SS”, the latter two awarded in Brazilian festivals.

Mirada Paranaense completes the cycle by promoting films produced in Paraná. The section presents the wide-ranging plurality in the state’s diverse production through a selection of nine films. The feature film “Pinhão” speaks of a typical reality of Curitiba, in which the economy discovers a new currency.

The selection is completed with the short films “A Couple”, “Creatively Out of Order”, “Mirror Mirror on the Wall”, “Frontiers/Guaíra”, “Apnea”, “This Earth Will Not End”, “Cursed”, and “Queer-bomb” in a combination of themes, styles and languages, divided into two programs.

Check out the list below with all the films divided by section:

Young Views

Alma (dir. Santiago León Cuéllar, Colômbia, 17 min)
Circuit (dir. Delia Hess, Suíça, 9 min)
Kids (dir. Michael Frei, Suíça, 9 min)
Waterproof Wick (dir. Higor Gomes, Brasil, 21 min)
Lily’s Hair (dir. Raphael Gustavo da Silva, Brasil, 15 min)
Puppet (dir. Thimotée Crabbé, Bélgica, 6 min)
Dry Fly (dir. Rut Juan, Espanha, 5 min)
BLACKN3SS (dir. Diego Paulino, Brasil, 22 min)
The Great Love of a Wolf (dir. Kennel Rogis, Brasil, 12 min)
The Juggler (dir. Iuri Moreno, Brasil, 11 min)
Sun Inside (dir. Jô Serfaty, Brasil, 94 min)
Vivi Wolf and the Magical Room (dir. Isabelle Santos/Edu MZ Camargo, Brasil, 13 min)

Mirada Paranaense

Apnea (dir. Carol Sakura/Walkir Fernandes, Brasil, 14 min)
A couple (dir. William de Oliveira, Brasil, 22 min)
Queer-bomb (dir. Renan de Cillo, Brasil, 8 min)
Creatively Out of Order (dir. Natacha Oleinik, Brasil, 17 min)
This Earth Will Not End (dir. Matias Dala Stella, Brasil, 32 min)
Frontiers/Guaíra (dir. Juliana Sanson, Brasil, 26 min)
Cursed (dir. Laysa Machado, Brasil, 4 min)
Mirror Mirror On The Wall (dir. Igor Urban, Brasil, 7 min)
Pinhão (dir. Andréia Kaláboa, 52 min)



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