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Amanda Lee

Rachel Ellis

Rachel Ellis has been a producer based in the city of Recife for 16 years and co-founder of Desvia. Rachel has a long-standing partnership with director Gabriel Mascaro and has produced Doméstica, Ventos de Agosto, Boi Neon, and Divino Amor. Rachel co-produced international films including the multi-award winning Vermelho Sol (Rojo) and is currently co-producing the upcoming films by Tatiana Huezo (Mexico) and Manuel Abramovich (Argentina). Films produced by Rachel have premiered at “A” festivals, amassing over 100 awards.

Adam Cheise

Gabriel Martins

Born in Belo Horizonte and living on the outskirts of Contagem, he graduated from Escola Livre de Cinema/BH and in Social Communication with a Specialization in Cinema and Video, in 2010, from the University Center UNA. He is a founding partner of the production company Filmes de Plástico, together with André Novais Oliveira, Maurílio Martins, and Thiago Macêdo Correia. His main works as a director include the short films Rapsódia para Homem Negro NADA, and the feature film No Coração do Mundo (co-directed by Maurilio Martins).

Mike Stuart

Luh Maza

First transgender screenwriter for Brazilian TV, responsible for Sessão de Terapia (2019), from Globoplay. She earned the bronze script trophy at the El Ojo de Iberoamerica Festival in Argentina and the Inclusive and Creative Awards Campaign in the United States for the short film Trinta e Cinco (2019). Her theatrical dramaturgy was published in the collection Primeiras Obras (Imprensa Oficial, 2009), nominated for the Jabuti Literature Award, in the book Teatro (Chiado Editora, 2015), and in the anthology Dramaturgia Negra (Funarte, 2019).

Selected Projects